Locating utility for GPSgate for Blackberry smartphones.
Shows buddies or vehicles with Google Maps or Blackberry Maps.

    Quick User Guide

- download and install the application
- make sure all settings are correct
- click trackwheel in main screen if list is empty, or select Menu-Refresh list to initiate download from server
- once list is populated, select desired buddy/vehicle and click trackwheel to locate it in preferred mapping application
Note: as for now Google Maps will not "invoke" a location more than once, so to re-locate a buddy a second time you
need to restrt Google Maps. Blackberry does not show this problem.

    1.Configure your GpsGate account

Follow the steps below to configure your GpsGate.com account for your Blackberry smartphone.
1.1 Create a GpsGate.com account (it you haven't done that already)
1.2 Login to your GpsGate.com account
1.3 Click on the "Preferences" icon in the menu
1.4 Click on "Devices Settings"
1.5 Click on "Add a device"
1.6 Save your settings and return to the main screen
1.7 Invite buddies or accept invitations to populate "My Buddies" group

    2. Configure GGLocationBB

2.1 Obtain the application:
  2.1.1 Direct download and install in Blackberry smartphone, point your browser to the jad file on TheByteworks.com
2.2 Important: the smartphone must have filled APN details in Options-Advanced Options-TCP.
Check the correct settings with your network operator.
2.3 Important: the smartphone must be configured in Options-Security Options-TLS TLS Default as Handheld.
  Failing to satisfy 2.2 and 2.3 will reneder application to fail connecting to server with an "Open tunnel failure".
2.4 Start the application .
2.5 Select Settings in menu.
2.6 Fill your gpsgate server address and port number. If you are using GPSGate.com service leave default.
2.7 Fill your gpsgate username and password.
2.8 Fill timeout value, small for fast networks, big for slower ones.
2.9 Fill desired target mapping applcation, Google Maps or Balckberry Maps. These must be properly installed on phone.
2.10 Select Save in menu.

    3. User interface


3.1 "Buddies/Vehicle": info line, displays relevant informations about application status.
3.2    download result status, OK if green corner, failed if red
3.3 Buddies/Vehicles list, is populated connecting to GPSGate server and downloading latest available positions.
Each line shows one buddy/vehicle name and position upload date (DDMMYY) date and time (HHMMSS), in UTC values.
If list is empty, clicking trackwheel will initiate download process. If list is populated, clicking an item will
locate selected item in mapping application.
Green colored items mean last download action was successful and data is fresh. If red, last download failed.
3.4 Menu items:
Locate selected: starts or brings in front selected mapping application, with marker corresponding to selected location.
Refresh list: initiates download.
Settings: opens Settings screen.
Close: closes application.

    4. Contact

Website: thebyteworks.com
Application page: GGlocatorBB
Contact page: here