client for Telit GSM/GPRS/GPS modules and terminals

    Telit GM862-GPS and GE863-GPS are GSM/GPRS modules with integrated
Sirf Star III GPS and Python script engine to host user software application.
While these modules are dedicated to OEM companies to produce their own tracking
devices, an end user without technical abilities can use a terminal based on
these modules such as EZ10-GPS/GPRS or TER-GX110-GPS.

    1.Configure your account

Follow the steps below to configure your account for your Telit based
tracking device device.
1.1 Create a account (it you haven't done that already)
1.2 Login to your account
1.3 Click on the "Preferences" icon in the menu
1.4 Click on "Devices Settings"
1.5 Click on "Add a device"
1.6 Enter any number as the IMEI and a device name
1.7 Save your settings and return to the main screen

    2. Configure your Telit based tracking device

2.1 Obtain the GPSgate Python client application from Byteworks
2.2 start the included application uploader gpsgateloader.exe
2.3 select the serial port, connect the device with a full serial cable, power on
the device and immediately click Test button. Firmware version should be displayed now.
2.4 fill APN name, GPRS Login and GPRS Password according to your Telecom operators
instructions for internet access
2.5 fill your gpsgateate server. If you are using service leave default
2.6 fill your username and password
2.7 fill desired locate interval, in 1/10 of second. For example 300 value means
the device will upload a new location every 30 seconds
2.8 click Upload to terminal button and wait. If all is correct the application is
now loaded in the device with your own settings; the device shutdowns itself, at the next
power on the gpsgate application will take over and start uploading locations to


    If you need other application behaviors like uploading locations on triggers (SMS, call), alarms,
power savings, or anything else, please contact Byteworks for a custom design.
They are also able to give you purchase advises and technical support for Telit based devices.