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2019, October 29th:
PHP serial extension released for PHP 3.7.11 x64 VC15.
2019, January 1st:
So much time have passed, so many achievements, I wish all customers all the best for 2019!
All products advertised here are available, I am open for new startup proposals.
... old news deleted ... again !
2007, September 19th:
New application launch, Quick Texts. Fast Copy & Paste operations for repetitive phrases like email signatures, grettings, quotations.
2007, September 18th:
New article, LaCrosse WS2300 weather station PHP project, put your weather data on the web! See it here.

2007, February 11th:
Products rebranded to TheByteWorks name, better visibility than old Easyvitools.
Website reworked and moved to the new domain,
Old domain name is still running in parallel.

2007, January 09th:
- new functions in PHP serial extension to allow byte read / write operations
- PHP serial extension downloads available for PHP 5.1.2-5.1.6 and 5.2.0. For other version still need to contact me.

2006, March 11:
So much wanted PHP serial extension is here!
Serial port communications was a nightmare and subject of long Internet searches until now. This PHP extension allows programmers to build complete web interfaces for serial devices in their preferred language. Read more and see an example listing SMS messages from a GSM modem here.

2006, February 20:
Finally EzCom2Web 3.0 is ready!
- completely new Basic script engine, stronger and better
- shipped with new example, Web SMS interface! Yes, allow visitors to send / view SMS with a GSM phone, module or terminal.
Read about and try it here EzCom2Web 3.0.
... old news deleted ...