Quick Texts


    Quick Texts is an utility to speed up your editing process when using
a lot of Copy/Paste operations of same texts. If you have to copy/paste
during a day same texts like email signatures or standard answers, links,
quotes, source code ... any text, you'll save a lot of time using this handy
    Defining texts is very easy, simply save them in text files as explained
in "Setting texts" paragraph below. Quick Texts sits at your hand in Windows
System Tray (near Clock, Volume etc.), transfering the desired text in Clipboard
is only a matter of 2 clicks, no selections, no right clicks, no "Copy" commands.
Yes is right, your texts are ready to be paste in desired place with only 2 clicks!


    When started Quick Texts minimize itself and runs in System Tray,
showed under icon. Click on it, a menu popus, containing your quick
text, marked with same icon, and some other menus. A simple click on desired
Quick Texts transfers it in Clipboard, ready to be paste in the right place.
Popup menu closes by itself, Quick Texts waiting for next click.
Other menus:
- Exit: exits application, with confirmation dialog
- About / Help: shows About dialog, with a link to this page.
- Open texts folder: opens Explorer pointing directly to Quick Texts subfolder

Setting texts

    There isn't much philosophy in preparing texts to be quickly transfered into
Clipboard. Quick Texts is using simple text files, placed in \texts subfolder
of its installations. To define a new text, explore to this subfolder with Explorer or,
more direct, clicking icon in System Tray then "Open texts folder" menu.
Save each text in a separate text file, naming the file with a relevant name
to be easy to spot in Quick Texts menu.
Say you want to have at hand your email signature. Create a text file in \texts
subfolder, name it "My email signature.txt". Open the file, paste inside your
signature, save and close the file. Next time you'll click icon in System Tray
you'll find a new menu called ... "My email signature". A simple click on this menu
and your email signature is transfered into system Clipboard, ready to be paste
in the right place.
    Quick Texts is supporting categories, you can group texts in submenus using
a subfolder under \texts subfolder. Make subfolders for each desired category
and place text files here.
You have many email signatures and want to group them. Create an
"Email signatures" folder under \texts subfolder, and put text files
here. You'll have this structure:
\installation folder
    \Email signatures
        first signature.txt
        second signature.txt
        third signature.txt
On clicking icon in System Tray you'll have a new submenu called "Email signatures"
and signatures menus under it. Still 2 clicks to reach them!
    Of course you can still keep most frecvent text as main menus to have them popup
in first place.

Automatic start at Windows startup

    You might want to have Quick Texts already running in system tray as soon as
Windows boots up - is simple. Create an application shortcut in installation folder (right
click on quicktext.exe then Create Shortcut, then simply drag it in Windows startup menu
(Start - Programs - Startup), or copy it in
\Documents and Settings\[username]\Start Menu\Programs\Startup.

Buying Quick Texts

    Is very simple, simply follow the link to Buy page on TheByteWorks site

Have fun editing texts!

2007, Cosmin Buhu