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WS2300 weather station PHP project
Your own terminal in 17 lines
PC PIC Voltmeter
Network messenger in 22 lines
Phone Dialer




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LaCrosse WS2300 weather station PHP project
Put your weather data on the web.

GPS Logger
Capture and decode NMEA output of a GPS receiver.

Your own terminal in 17 lines
How to build your own complete serial terminal in only 17 lines of Easy control script.

Network messenger in 22 lines
Example for TCP/IP communications.

PIC PC Voltmeter
A complete voltmeter that uses a Microchip microcontroller to aquire voltage and send it through one PC serial port.

Phone Dialer
A phone dialer built in 15 minutes.

PIC Port Analyzer
Dumps status of your PIC microcontroller ports into a nice rack.

Put your serial device on web (obsolete, see EzCom2Web instead)
Using a web server side script engine (PHP, ASP, VBS) and Easy Control to put your
serial device on web.

Network link
A microcontroller linked with a PC over a network involving 4 kinds of data transfers.

Parsing strings
How to extract useful data from a string.

Detecting device
How to detect on which PC serial port your device is alive.

More than a rack in a single script
Shows how and why to use multiple racks in same script.