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  Overview of tracking applications is proud to present a few systems and components for the so more and more popular online GPS tracking. The usual system comprises of the following components:
- tracking devices: one or many devices (a fleet), portables or mobiles, capable to obtain its location from the GPS system and upload this location (maybe other info as well) to the trackng server by means of SMS or TCP/IP usually
- tracking server: receives, handles and store the data from the tracking devices
- interface server: implements and serves to the users the graphic interface of the tracking system, usually using HTTP protocol handled by web browser clients. Handles also tracking devices management, database management, exports. The main role is to pinpoint and plot tracks of the tracking devices on a map. The mapping component can be for example Google Maps, Microsoft VirtualEarth, Mpa24.
In many cases the attributions of the 2 servers are joined in a single server application.

The tracking servers can be implemented as a public service, free or not, or as a special closed solutions for a business. The tracking clients from can be used with the following servers: - free public service implementing BuddyTracker web application. Server is available for installations on business, implementing TrackStore and/or VehicleTracker applications.
OpenGTS - free server but not available as a public service. Can be installed for private or business, implementing a standard tracking application.
Track4free - free service brought by Round Solutions Gmbh, mainly to be used with tracking devices based on Telit GSM/GPRS/GPS modules. Not available for purchase.

Comparisson table for tracking clients

Tracking clientHardwareServerCost of client only
GPSGate BB Blackberry smartphones GPSGate low, fleet pricing available
GPSGate Py Telit based trackers (TER-GX-110-GPS) GPSGate low, fleet pricing available
N/A yet
Blackberry smartphones OpenGTS low, fleet pricing available.
Server installation and handling services available on business.
Track4free Py Telit based trackers (TER-GX-110-GPS) Track4free free binaries, sources available for selected Round Solutions customers

If you are interested in any of these solutions don't hesitate to contact me for a talk.