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WS2300 weather station PHP project
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  WS2300 weather station PHP project

WS2300 weather station PHP project

Put your local weather on the web

     LaCrosse WS2300 is a nice personal weather station, packed with loads of features and equiped with all essential sensors, temperature, humidity, pressure, humidity, wind, rain, with wired or radio link with the based station which displays data on a nice LCD screen. The price is also well dimensioned, allowing most people to stay current with their weather data. For more info check the link above.

     Having some work to do, a Python application for Telit GSM/GPRS programable modules to upload weather data at regular intervals to a central server by means of TCP/IP HTTP requests, I thought it would be interesting to try to put the station online using my PHP serial extension. The idea was good and 2 days later the project was finalized.

     The hardware setup was simple, once all sensors were installed on top of the house. The base station is layed right near my PC, being RF connected with the sensors and wired to the PC serial port. Software wise, most info were taken from Kenneth Jahn Lavrsen Open2300 great site and work. PHP scripts were written to implement WS2300 driver and functionality, and the web interface is provided by 2 result pages, one text for viewing on small displays/resources like PDA or phones, and one graphic for PC based on the nice looking InfoSoft Global's FusionGadgets Flash gauges. There is no database, logs etc., the data is fetch directly form the station on serial port. Because the connection is directly to the serial port, of course only one visitor can access the station at one time. Also, from time to time the station is reading data from the sensors and may fail/be very slow responding so some patience is needed (is a known problem of the WS2300).

     From time to time the station can be met online here as graphic and here as simple text. If is not online you can get the feeling from the static graphic or text saved on main server.

     The whole application including PHP scripts and FusionGadgets trial version can be downloaded from the link below. The PHP serial extension for PHP on Windows is hosted on its own page.

Download this project :
WS2300 PHP project

Enjoy !