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rsterm - Windows serial terminal software for GSM & GPRS modems and terminals

    rsterm is an easy to use serial terminal software built to speed up development or activities involving GSM modems, using standardized and custom AT commands. Special serial port handling controls are provided, and a big number of buttons to send individual AT commands to the modem, without the need to type them. Of course a terminal window is provided to see and inspect modem answers or type commands manually.
    While rsterm can be used with any generic GSM modem, special efforts were made to support Telit modems with their custom functionalities. Also other third party devices are supported like Round Solutions' Python hardware debugger - more will come.

Platform : Win95 / 98 / Me / NT / 2000 / XP / Vista /Win7 / Win8, 8.1

Features :

- functions separated in tabs, with easy menus for one click switch
- tab for serial port and modem initialization, with modem auto-detection feature
- panel for quick access of serial ports open/close and most used commands
- 2 terminal windows, serving modem and debugger ports
- tab for Round Solutions' hardware Python debugger
- tabs for GPRS APN settings, voice dialing, SMS sending and receiving, real time clock
- tab for Telit multisocket functions
- tab for Telit HTTP GPRS
- tab for Telit camera (obsolete)
- tab for email sending via SMTP using sockets or dedicated Telit commands
- tab for Telit Python functions, including file listing, uploading, downloading and enabling, compile scripts, setting module startup options
- tab for Telit GPS handling
- facilities to customize terminal windows appearence, background color and font

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