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  Easy Control
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Easy Control - build Windows applications for serial and TCP/IP communications

Easy Control is a script engine intended to build small to medium Windows application targeted to serial communication (that talk with devices connected to PC serial ports) and TCP/IP communications. Application examples can be human interfaces for serial devices like microcontroller boards, ham radios, alarms, sound systems. General purpose Windows application can be easyly built too.
The script language is Basic like, typeless, very easy to learn and use.
Features a built-in editor with coloring syntax hilighting, autocompletition and parameter hints.
Windows GUI interfaces for applications can be built the free Rack Designer application which include a nice set of controls from analog voltmeters buttons, sliders, LCDs to a scope like display, with input, output or just for design purpose.
Applications can be built to run standalone, royalty free !

Platform : Win95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP

Features :

- Basic like programming language
- built-in source editor with coloring syntax highlighting, auto completition and parameter hints
- typeless data (autocasting between strings, numbers)
- basic tasks with serial ports: open, close, send, receive, flush
- built-in terminal to watch data flow, clear text and hexa formatted
- direct control over the serial port lines (RTS, CTS, DTR, DSR, CD, RI)
- can open more than one port in the same time and bridging data through them, possible with data modification
- syntax supports basic statements like if/else/endif, for/next, repeat/until, while/wend
- user procedures
- string manipulation
- date/time functions
- file handling functions
- TCP/IP socket functions, both client and server
- execute/open external programs/files
- easy acces to the GUIs (virtual instruments or general purpose) built with Rack Designer (free)
- one-click standalone application building

For a closer look check On-line help

FindMySoft published a short review, focusing on the strong points of Easy Control, with a quick look video.
Read and watch them!

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